UniApp release notes | May 2024

Update at a glance

5 new algorithms

To analyze your data in more depth
and identify novel patterns

15 modules

Upgraded with speed and stability improvements

UniApp Quarterly Update

Spring is here, and the Unicle team has been working tirelessly to bring you a harvest of exciting updates. Contact us for a live demonstration and to brainstorm how these upgrades could benefit your project.

Trajectory inference

Model gene expression along differentiation trajectories in single cell data

Cell-Cell interaction

Understand how cell might communicate via receptor-ligand signaling

Gene regulatory networks

Understand how your genes of interest are regulated by other genes

Gene association analyses

Determine what genes in your dataset have similar expression patterns as your target gene

Gene cards integration

Explore and quantitatively analyze Genecards data directly via the UniApp

Gene metadata tables

Upload gene metadata tables such as differential analysis results and integrate with your analysis

Upgrades and bug fixes

Improved functionality of the pivot table, metadata editor and meta-analysis modules

Speed updates

Interactive plots now load and update faster. Plot over 250K data points easily

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Proud to accelerate biomedical research at our clients

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