External (data) partnerships

Save months of work by acquiring (data) services from Genecards or Elucidata to be directly integrated into your research project(s)

Biological research is often described as a non-linear process, complex, abstract and involves multiple fields of expertise. In your quest to scientific breakthroughs, you need to succesfully navigate this proces towards a tangible output. By integrating easy project management capabilities within the UniApp, we redefine how research initiatives are planned, executed and end-result focused. In practice, we have developed functionalities to help you to build-up research papers, paper figure panels and an integrated storyboard functionality proving the right context to your data visualisations. All in a single application without the stress of file management.

Key highlights

Analysis-ready harmonized data via Elucidata

The public domain provides a wealth of available biomedical datasets, however retrieving, processing to make them analysis-ready is time consuming activity. Acquiring analysis-ready accelerates research timelines and allows you to focus more on data analysis and interpretation rather than data wrangling tasks. Hereto we have entered into a partnership with a world-class public data mining company Elucidata. Its curated datasets are meticulously curated, ensuring high quality, consistency, and reliability. Additionally, Elucidata’s curated datasets have harmonized metadata, simplifying data integration and facilitating cross-study comparisons. You benefit from our Elucidata partnership by directly integrating their datasets with your own dataset library, studies etc. And often in a more cost-friendly manner than doing it all yourself.

Integrate GeneCards’ gene information directly into your analysis

GeneCards is a comprehensive compendium of human genes. It offers a wealth of curated information on gene function, expression patterns, associated diseases, and pathways, providing valuable insights into the biological mechanisms underlying various health conditions. By leveraging this rich resource, you gain access to up-to-date and well-organized data, enabling them to efficiently identify candidate genes relevant to their study objectives. This integration enhances the depth and strength of analyses, facilitating the exploration of gene-gene interactions, biomarker discovery, and potential therapeutic targets.

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Data analysis

Analyze your data intuitively with over 25+ algorithms and data pipelines, without the need to code

Data visualizations

Explore your data with interactive and easy customizable data output visualizations without any coding or scripting

Project management tools

Build your research paper storyline with interactive figure panels readily to present while keeping track of data files, versions and tasks

Data organization

Gain control over your valuable data files in a single secured environment, allowing you to easily share data and collaborate

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Great and fruitful collaboration with top specialists from diverse complementary disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Kristl Claeys, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

In your professional career, you need to be attentive to change and chance. When you see it coming, you should not hesitate, but act! Unicle is the change and provided us the chance to tremendously uplift and accelerate our project.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pircher, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Meticulous, committed and responsive professionals. My experience with the quality of their work has been highly satisfactory. They pay attention to details from the beginning to the end of the analysis.

Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Cantelmo, Inserm Institute Pasteur of Lille, France

Finally a tool for biologists to apply bioinformatics without scripting, allowing us to focus on thinking

Prof. Dr. Max Mazzone VIB / KU Leuven, Belgium

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