Data visualizations

Explore your data with interactive and easy customizable data output visualizations without any coding or scripting

Introducing revolutionary easy data visualization capabilities marks a significant leap forward in how you can perceive and understand complex datasets. The UniApp’s innovative approach combines state-of-the-art visualization techniques with user-friendly interfaces to streamline the process of transforming data analyses into meaningful insights. By leveraging intuitive point-and-click functionalities and interactive features, you can effortlessly create meaningful representations of your data. Fully customizable plots without the need for specialized technical skills, available for Single cell, Spatial and Multi-omics datasets.

No coding, 40+ out of the box algorithms and visualizations

Creating biomedical data visualizations has never been easier, thanks to UniApp’s no-code approach. With our intuitive platform, you can effortlessly generate visualizations, by simply selecting your plot type of choice. Once your visualizations are created, you can easily customize them to suit your needs, including color coding and other stylistic adjustments. The UniApp allows you to spend more time deriving meaningful insights rather than struggling with coding or manually uniform plot outputs once your analysis is completed.

This seamless process ensures that your focus remains on interpreting the data and making informed decisions. Learn how other users use the visualization options to perform quick data screens to validate data quality controls and validating usefulness for hypothesis testing.

Publication ready figures with highly customizable plots

Preparing analysis for publication-ready figures can be cumbersome process to address inconsistent labelling, low-resolution output, and time-consuming customization. The UniApp allows you to seamlessly transfer your highly customizable plots into a publication ready figure including consistent labelling and custom color schemes. With multiple export options and pre-designed templates, you can produce clear, precise, and visually appealing plots effortlessly. The tool saves you vast amounts of time, ensures consistency across all visualization and enhances reproducibility, making it an essential resource for producing professional, publication-quality figures.

Unprecedented interactive data exploration

The UniApp facilitates interactive engagement with your data through dynamic presentation and analysis. This enables you to continuously focus on interpretation and your thought processes, without the disruption of coding or screen-switching. Interactive visualizations, unlike static charts and graphs, allow manipulation of data and visuals in real-time for deeper insights. This can also be used for exploratory data analysis, where you can experiment with different visualizations and data segments to uncover pattern trends, and anomalies at an early stage in your data study.

Some of the key characteristics of interactivity in the UniApp include:

  • User interaction: clicking, hovering, zooming, and dragging to explore different dataset aspects
  • Dynamic filtering: controls like sliders, dropdowns, and checkboxes enable to filter and adjust displayed data
  • Real-time updates: changes such as filter adjustments or parameter changes will update visualizations real-time
  • Drill-Down Capabilities: click on elements of the visualization to drill down into more detailed views or related data points
  • Customizable Views: real-time customization of data visualizations, including color, style, or chart type

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Finally a tool for biologists to apply bioinformatics without scripting, allowing us to focus on thinking

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