Learn how we accelerate biomedical research for you


Turn your valuable data into an impactful paper and build data-savvy capabilities to boost your career in life sciences

PIs & group leaders

Empower your researchers to execute research projects effectively, focused on valuable outputs and build practical bioinformatics capabilities in your team


Explore your valuable clinical data interactively and translate your findings into real-world impact

Bioinformatics experts

Leverage the most extensive data science platform to your needs. Whether you want to streamline analysis pipelines, leverage self-bioinformatics capabilities for researchers or scale your algorithms

Research institutes

Scale the impact of your institute, by empowering researchers with an easy-to-use platform for bioinformatics, data sharing and leveraging in-house built algorithms


Accelerate joint research initiative with effective data sharing & collaboration tools, while ensuring consistency and reproducibility of analysis results


Fast and high-quality data analyses supporting the next phase of project validation and valorization

Core facilities

Add more value to your current outputs, streamline pipelines and make more impact with you customers

Related modules

Data analysis

Analyze your data intuitively with over 25+ algorithms and data pipelines, without the need to code

Data visualizations

Explore your data with interactive and easy customizable data output visualizations without any coding or scripting

Project management tools

Build your research paper storyline with interactive figure panels readily to present while keeping track of data files, versions and tasks

Data organization

Gain control over your valuable data files in a single secured environment, allowing you to easily share data and collaborate

Cloud compute power

Analyze your data intuitively with over 25+ algorithms and data pipelines, without the need to code

Templates, tutorials & manuals

Analyze your data intuitively with over 25+ algorithms and data pipelines, without the need to code

Multi technology

Analyze most common Single-cell RNA-seq, Spatial, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics data formats and integrate the results into one research project

Collaboration tools

Effortlessly work together on research projects, share data collections or present your study interactively, while maintaining control over your results

External (data) partnerships

Save months of work by acquiring (data) services from Genecards or Elucidata to be directly integrated into your research project(s).

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