Data organization

Gain control over your valuable data files in a single secured environment, allowing you to easily share data and collaborate

The UniApp revolutionizes the way researchers handle their bioinformatical data, offering a powerful platform for efficient data management and seamless data sharing. With the exponential growth of biological data, we provide researchers with a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenges of organizing, storing, harmonizing and sharing large datasets.

Key highlights

Manage your valuable datasets effectively

UniApp’s data library feature serves as the backbone of your research workflow, offering a centralized repository to catalog and index diverse datasets. Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered data files, unrecallable versioning and disjointed information. The intuitive interface and advanced indexing capabilities make it easy for researchers to maintain a clear overview of available data for their studies.

Researchers can easily annotate and search for datasets within the platform, streamlining data discovery and utilization. Comprehensive metadata (and the ability to harmonize) ensure data integrity and reproducibility, empowering researchers to confidently build upon existing datasets.

Powerful and user-friendly metadata editor

Metadata in biomedical research refers to the descriptive information about your dataset that provides context and meaning, such as the sample characteristics. Metadata is crucial to ensure your data is understandable and interpretable. Although often considered a technical, non-biology activity, it is a key element for deriving valuable biological insights from your data. Read more about the importance of metadata here.

The UniApp includes an integrated and user-friendly metadata editor tool designed to streamline the process of editing or adding metadata to your dataset. Adding detailed sample characteristics allows you to group and cluster data points effectively (e.g., clustering and cluster annotation). Moreover, all the annotations you make during your analysis are automatically appended as metadata to your dataset, ready to be used in follow-up analyses.

Another powerful application of the metadata editor tool is harmonizing metadata across your datasets. Standardized or consistent metadata ensures interoperability across different datasets and studies, enhances data quality, and supports the reproducibility of results. This is vital when building a data library or making cross-study comparisons via robust meta-analyses. Read more on how UniApp empowers researchers with meta-analysis tools.

Data sharing and collaboration

The UniApp facilitates seamless data sharing and collaboration, both within your team and beyond. With just a few clicks, you can securely share datasets (optionally with relevant analysis, visualization and textual annotations) with collaborators, fostering transparency and accelerating scientific discoveries. Whether you’re working in a small team or collaborating across institutions, the UniApp provides the tools you need to streamline communication and drive impactful research.

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Great and fruitful collaboration with top specialists from diverse complementary disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Kristl Claeys, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

In your professional career, you need to be attentive to change and chance. When you see it coming, you should not hesitate, but act! Unicle is the change and provided us the chance to tremendously uplift and accelerate our project.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pircher, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Meticulous, committed and responsive professionals. My experience with the quality of their work has been highly satisfactory. They pay attention to details from the beginning to the end of the analysis.

Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Cantelmo, Inserm Institute Pasteur of Lille, France

Finally a tool for biologists to apply bioinformatics without scripting, allowing us to focus on thinking

Prof. Dr. Max Mazzone VIB / KU Leuven, Belgium

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