Project management tools

Build your research paper storyline with interactive figure panels readily to present while keeping track of data files, versions and tasks

Biological research is often described as a non-linear process, complex, abstract and involves multiple fields of expertise. In your quest to scientific breakthroughs, you need to successfully navigate this process towards a tangible output. By integrating easy project management capabilities within the UniApp, we redefine how research initiatives are planned, executed and end-result focused. In practice, we have developed functionalities to help you to build-up research papers, paper figure panels and an integrated storyboard functionality proving the right context to your data visualisations. All in a single application without the stress of file management.

Key highlights

Integrated and interactive figure panels

Enhance the efficiency of constructing insightful figure panels by integrating robust data and analysis management with version control, automated workflows, and utilize proven templates. Once created, maintain your figure panels interactive by seamlessly substituting additional analyses and reconfiguring individual figures with easy drag & drop functionality. Without the loss underlying connections, analyses, and interpretations. 

Create compelling stories with your data

With our UniApp platform, we empower you to transform complex biomedical data into impactful stories. Our platform is designed to help you create clear, engaging, and meaningful narratives that effectively communicate your research findings through figure panels. Build your story based on individual analyses and annotations, capturing these in an overarching storyboard and cross-referencing with interactive graphs. In academic terms, this process provides you with the chapters of your manuscript. Make your story even more powerful, by gathering in-app feedback and make your adjustments accordingly.

Lastly, we are working on adding AI functionality to draft an initial storyline based on individual graphs and your annotations. This feature will serve as a valuable starting point for your data narrative, such as a manuscript.

Collaboration tools 2.0 to accelerate your study

With UniApp, we revolutionize the way teams work together on data analysis projects. We make collaboration seamless and efficient, empowering teams to work together effectively with focus on the most scientifically interesting work. Some key differentiators:

  • Placeholder figures: Create analysis plans with placeholder figures, ready to be executed later by your team members or collaborators.

  • Shared project folder: Centralize your project assets in a shared folder accessible to all team members or create separate folders for specific groups. Easily upload and organize files, datasets, and documentation in one secure location, streamlining collaboration and ensuring everyone stays on the same page. All cloud-based, so you only need an internet connection

  • Versioning: Keep track of project revisions with our versioning feature. This also applies to the algorithms used for each individual analysis, ready to be included into your materials & methods section

  • Milestone tracking: Set milestones and track progress to keep your project on schedule. With milestone tracking, you can monitor the completion of tasks and ensure that distributed work aligns with project timelines, enhancing collaboration and accountability

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Great and fruitful collaboration with top specialists from diverse complementary disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Kristl Claeys, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

In your professional career, you need to be attentive to change and chance. When you see it coming, you should not hesitate, but act! Unicle is the change and provided us the chance to tremendously uplift and accelerate our project.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pircher, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Meticulous, committed and responsive professionals. My experience with the quality of their work has been highly satisfactory. They pay attention to details from the beginning to the end of the analysis.

Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Cantelmo, Inserm Institute Pasteur of Lille, France

Finally a tool for biologists to apply bioinformatics without scripting, allowing us to focus on thinking

Prof. Dr. Max Mazzone VIB / KU Leuven, Belgium

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