Transforming single cell and spatial data into high impact paper

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Key results

High-impact publication

Molecular Cancer paper (IF35) based on single cell and spatial transcriptomics on tissue derived from patients with colorectal cancer liver metastasis, written by medical students

Building bioinformatics capabilities

Beyond analysis executions skills, the team indicated to have learned transferable skills, including how to think with data and big data analysis approaches

Stepping stone to follow-up projects

The project and its results confirmed the multidisciplinary team’s vision of the lab and laid the foundation for follow-up projects

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Dr. Conradi is a consulting level surgeon and principal investigator affiliated to the University Medical Center Gottingen. She is recognized in the field of translational research in the context of tumor cell metabolism and epigenetic regulation in the development of new therapeutic approaches for colorectal and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Conradi has published over 60 research articles and received numerous awards and prestigious grants that recognize her excellence as a young investigator. Unique to Dr. Conradi’s approach is her mentorship of young doctors, giving many undergraduate-level medical students the opportunity to do top-level science in her laboratory.


To investigate molecular differences between angiogenic and vessel co-opting colorectal cancer liver metastasis, the team of Dr. Conradi performed single cell and spatial transcriptomics on tissue derived from patients with colorectal cancer liver metastasis. The laboratory did not have bioinformatics capabilities and Dr. Conradi’s ambition was that her team of medical students would perform all analyses and draft a publication-ready manuscript.


Unicle inventoried the challenge and designed a strategy that leverage the UniApp and Unicle consultancy. Specifically, Dr. Conradi’s team was trained to perform advanced single cell and spatial transcriptomics analysis on the UniApp platform and coached towards integrating the results into a scientific narrative. Hereafter we have made the research results available via our UniApp portal to foster future research.


Within 18 months of starting the collaboration, the Conradi team published their first paper in Molecular Cancer (IF35). The three co-first authors were all undergraduate level medical students, with Dr. Conradi as senior author.

“In these times of large and complex data studies, having the UniApp platform is as fundamental to the workings of the lab as a microscope or PCR machine

Dr. Tiago De Oliveira
Senior Staff member to the Conradi lab, University of Göttingen
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