UniApp update 24.102

Fresh spring updates to the UniApp, including major new functionalities to append meta data info (tables) to your results, plot gene regulatory networks and the advanced GeneCards database integration (additional feature).

Gene regulatory network:

  • We have made it possible to show multiple hub genes and the underlying table
  • The full description and manual is here: link.

Gene metadata table

  • This is released, please find the documentation here
  • We are awaiting your feedback

Gene cards (gene metadata table)

  • It is now possible to run several attributes at once on all or a subset of genes
  • Please find the specifications here

Other general updates to the platform

  • We have worked on speedups, the application should feel more snappy, visualizations will load faster and the loading of visualizations is stabilized
  • There have been several updates to the pivot table to handle missing values and to enable ordering of factors
  • The results of the rule-based meta-analysis can now be used as input in a pivot table to get the intersection

Looking forward

Indication setting

  • We are awaiting your feedback after the holidays


  • We are working on this now.
  • Our team gave the suggestion to visualize create a new visualization type in the pivot table, called “lolliplot”.

    • You can then directly create lolliplots from the lolliplot pivot table, this will be easier to use.