We work with scientists, research institutes, hospitals, government, biotech and pharma to maximize the real-world impact of biomedical data. Unicle’s sample-to-insight platform UniApp allows to valorize data, commercialize algorithms, commoditize novel technologies and generate actionable insights from complex data.

Transform biomedical data research

Our mission is to democratize biomedical data analysis and make it exciting for biologists. Key to our vision is an integrative approach that leverages technology, people, and highly intuitive standardized processes, leading to sound results ready for biological interpretation. To achieve this, we unravel common data science approaches, move beyond coding and trial-and-error to equip biological researchers with advanced data science capabilities. Moreover, our integrated data-to-insights cloud platform offers even greater possibilities read more

Real-life solutions


Analyze your own single cell, spatial and bulk omics data using our Do-It-Yourself UniApp platform. Our consultants are ready to assist with any questions and help you navigate the analysis


Physician-scientists typically have amazing datasets and tangible ideas, but small research teams and little time constrain real-world impact. We provide hands-on support to realize your ambitions.

PI & group leaders

Kickstart your laboratory and establish yourself by using state-of-the-art single cell, spatial and bulk omics technology to make your (first) big paper.

Core facilities

Automate data workflows and streamline data transfer, interactions and communication with your customers to deliver real insight on top of raw data


Leverage public data to perform target-disease linkage analysis with single cell and spatial resolution to build investor data packages and derive decision-enabling insights on indication selection and trial design

Bioinformetics experts

Leverage the most extensive data science platform to your needs. Whether you want to streamline analysis pipelines, leverage self-bioinformatics capabilities for researchers or scale your algorithms

Research institutes

Adopt cloud-based operations to valorize and commoditize data and algorithms and be among the future leaders in life sciences


Accelerate joint research initiative with effective data sharing & collaboration tools, while ensuring consistency and reproducibility of analysis results

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Proud to accelerate biomedical research at our clients

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Great and fruitful collaboration with top specialists from diverse complementary disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Kristl Claeys, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

In your professional career, you need to be attentive to change and chance. When you see it coming, you should not hesitate, but act! Unicle is the change and provided us the chance to tremendously uplift and accelerate our project.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pircher, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Meticulous, committed and responsive professionals. My experience with the quality of their work has been highly satisfactory. They pay attention to details from the beginning to the end of the analysis.

Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Cantelmo, Inserm Institute Pasteur of Lille, France

Finally a tool for biologists to apply bioinformatics without scripting, allowing us to focus on thinking

Prof. Dr. Max Mazzone VIB / KU Leuven, Belgium

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